Notes From The Field | Vol. 36, Issue 56

I’ve been working on a longish post for the past week or so – one which I may or may not ever click “Publish” on – and it started me thinking about something. My son, whom we packed up and moved cross country with at 9 months old, is no longer 9 months old. He is in fact only a couple of months away from his 17th birthday. For those not counting at home, that is only one year from the age of majority in the US.

If the pattern holds, it is likely to be a year that will fly by faster than the years leading up to it, after which my son will start the slow process of moving on and living his adult life, thus setting the stage for my better half and I to eventually see just how well of a job we did with our first pass at this whole parenting thing. Given that our youngest daughter will officially be a teenager in a couple months as well, I’m sure the next few years will be interesting.

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