Outlook 2010 Question

OK, this is driving me insane. I really like the multiple Exchange profile support in Outlook 2010 but how the hell do I change the From: names in the drop down list? I tried changing the name of the account but it always reverts back. Help! Possibly Related Posts: Travel Tech Essentials Gadget Review: Microsoft […]

How to perform a System State Backup on Windows 2008 with Windows Server Backup

1.) Launch an elevated command prompt. (Right Click on Command Prompt –> Run as Administrator) 2.) Execute the command wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:D: while substituting D: for another drive letter if needed. To my knowledge you can’t backup to a folder unfortunately. Possibly Related Posts: Travel Tech Essentials Gadget Review: Microsoft Surface RT Real Life […]

Random Pictures

Some pictures I found floating around the web. The captions are what they were originally titled. Some funny, some interesting. Possibly Related Posts: Pictures From The Field They Tasted Like Steak Pictures From The Field

Cell Phones

I just came across this phone today – a Nokia 8860 – that I purchased back in 1999. If I remember correctly I paid around $450 for it but I’m not 100% positive. While not my first phone – which was a Nokia of some sort on CellularOne – it is the oldest one I […]

BareTail – Free Tail For Windows

I started using BareTail about 3-4 years ago when I was doing migrations (Quest Migration tools have a large number of logs) and I’ve been using it ever since then. If you have a need to monitor log files in Windows, go download BareTail from Bare Metal Software. It’s free, no installation or registration required. […]

Random Thoughts

I found this on David McNett’s Live Journal and got quite a kick out of it. I highly recommend you head over there and read through the whole thing, this is just a snippet from the top. Author unknown, I’m just a parrot here… Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you […]

Exchange 2010 Release Candidate

Looks like the release candidate is available for download. I must admit I’m kind of curious why they are supporting it on 2008 RTM, you’ll have a much better experience on 2008 R2. Especially if you plan on doing an in-place upgrade. I also wanted to point out the part about Exchange 2010 currently being […]

Check Your E-Mail

When you place an online order that is… I’ve gotten three shipping confirmations over the last year or so, all going to the same Jeremy Phillips in California. How Jeremy in California could mistake my e-mail address (jeremy at phillfam.com) for theirs is something I don’t know. It’s pretty funny though. **** This is a […]

Thoughts On Health Care Reform

First I must say that this blog entry is not in line with the tone of the rest of this site. I generally try to stay out of the political arena and most of my entries are either generally pleasant or technology related. This is mainly because my true political views are in far left […]


I’m looking for a netbook but can’t discern a huge difference between the various models. Here are some of the specs I want; 10.2″ Screen 160GB HDD 2GB RAM (Capable at least, I can upgrade it if needed) What I want to use it for; Streaming Video – 720p preferably Web Browsing Occasional E-Mail Any […]