Exchange 2007 Online Maintenance Database Scanning (Part 1)

Over at there’s a good article on the database checksumming process as part of online maintenance in Exchange 2007 SP1. Recommended reading for anyone who either a) doesn’t know what it is or b) isn’t 100% positive what it is.

Online maintenance database scanning comprises two main processes, namely checksumming and page zeroing of the database pages.  Both of these processes are available in the Release To Manufacturing (RTM) version of Exchange 2007 and although they are still available in the Service Pack 1 version of Exchange 2007, several changes have been made which I will cover in the two parts of this article.  As well as what the changes actually are, we’ll obviously take a look at how you enable these features as well as how you monitor their progress via the event log entries that they create.  There are also some performance implications that you will need to be aware of too.

In part one of this article we’ll look at the database checksumming process whilst in part two we’ll look at the database page zeroing process.  Let’s get going and check out the checksumming. [ LINK ]

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